National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps with its Headquarters at New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The National Cadet Corps in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The officers and cadets have no liability for active military service once they complete their course but are given preference over normal candidates during selections based on the achievements in the corp.


Foster a sense of service to society.

Strive for excellence every day.

Instill self confidence in every cadet.


Inculcate sense of National Pride and Patriotism.

Provide leadership, commitment to values and enrich quality of student life while fostering educational mission of the college.

NCC Logo


"I do hereby solemnly promise that I will serve my motherland most truly and loyally and that, I will abide by the rules and regulations of the National Cadet Crops. Further under the command and control of my commanding officer I will participate in every camp most sincerely and wholeheartedly".


We the cadet of the National Cadet Corps, do solemnly pledge that we shall always uphold the unity of India. We resolve to be disciplined and responsible citizen of our nation. We shall undertake positive community service in the spirit of selflessness and concern for our fellow beings.

Objectives of NCC

To Develop Character, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure, and Ideals of Selfless Service amongst the Youth of the Country.

To Create a Human Resource of Organized, Trained and Motivated Youth, To Provide Leadership in all Walks of life and be Always Available for the Service of the Nation.

To Provide a Suitable Environment to Motivate the Youth to Take Up a Career in the Armed Forces.

Cardinal Principles of NCC

Obey with smile.

Be punctual.

Work hard and without fuss.

Make no excuses and tell no lies.

NCC in Our College

NCC started in our college on june 2010 with 52 cadets as a platoon under 22 kerala battalion, Eloor. In 2010-11 we selected 25 cadets (17 SD and 8 SW). In 2010 1 cadet had passed C Certficate exam and 5 cadets cleared their B certificate exam. In 2011-12 we selected 27 cadets (17 SD and 10 SW).

Lt. Ibrahim Salim, Associate NCC Officer of the Senior Wing successfully completed the Pre-Commission Course held at NCC Officer's Training Academy, Nagpur.

NCC Officer

Lt. Ibrahim Salim
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Computer Applications
NCC Officer 9847239388

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Important Activities

One of the adventurous camp held by NCC per year was the ALL INDIA TREKKING CAMP held at Malayatoor from 21st to 28th December. One of our cadet SGT Jaffer Sherif have been participated the camp who may have got the real life experience of Soldiers during War.
On 1st December we have conducted a cycle rally which may motivates the society about AIDS DAY which was Flag off by Principal Dr. A Biju later under the Commanding of Lt. Ibrahim Salim we have conducted the cycle rally. With respect to he AIDS DAY there have been a street play.
One of the camps that might conducted with the ARMY Camps specially for NCC cadets held at Thiruvananthapuram from 2nd to 17th November and for attending their special camp two of our cadets CDT Ajmal and CDT Vishnuhas got the oppurtunity to realise what all are our Soldiers pay for their Nation through their duty and they have got Certificates and Medals for their hard working on the camp.
One of the Supreme Camp held once in a year at Delhi for the finite NCC Cadets. Through passing of Nine toughest camps ever on NCC and one of our cadet CSM Jaisol Alias may have volunder to attend TSC at Delhi from 19th to 28th September might have been a feather to NCC and M.E.S College, Marampally. Our Principal Dr. Biju.A and Lt. Ibrahim Salim also congratulated her.
As per the previous year another camp also being held on M.E.S College, Marampally .On the camp 27 of our cadets may have been participated from 5th to 14th September. Two of our cadets JUO Rinshad Hilal and LCPL Anjumol were selected as Camp Seniors. This ATC has got some difference from other camps such that the A.D.G of Kerala & Lakshadweep Directorate Maj Gen. B. Chakravarty and Eranakulam Group Commander Capt. Ximan Xavier visited the camp. We are really lucky to have their visit. So as to honouring them with Guards of Honour provided by our cadets CQMS Ashiq .K.S and CDT Afnitha K.A.and got Commendation for the Guards. So with respect to other camps our cadets performed their best in the camp which paves a visit by the higher Commanders of NCC.
On 20th August, 20 cadets were enrolled to NCC on the academic year 2014
15th August after the Independence day parade held by cadets Principal Dr. A Biju who may hosted the flag under the presence of Lt. Ibrahim Salim and teaching staff.
As a part of THAL SAINIK CAMP [TSC] the competition among the five groups of Kerala & Lakshadweep Directorate two of our cadets CQMS Ajinsh.V.Ali and CSM Jaisol Alias has got an oppertunity to participate on Eranakulam Group for the IGC held at Thiruvalla on 19th to 28th july have been emerged tight competition with inside the cadets as well as the groups. So as by this one of our cadet CSM Jaisol Alias have been selected for the further advanced camps.
One of our cadet JUO Rinshad Hilal got an oppertunity to participate the camp held at Amritsar, Punjab durring the period of 18th to 29th June. This camp may provided him with a better experiance on NCC.
The pass out of 2012 enrolled batch were given the Farewell Party. Principal Dr. A Biju was the chief guest of the winding up program of the year. All other teaching staff of various departments were presented by the request of Lt. Ibrahim Salim. It is a soulful moment for the cadets who may take part in the function.
As per the 'C' Certificate Exam 20 of our cadets has been written the Exam held at Maharajas College,Eranakulam on 22nd February.
Which was conducted on 11th & 12th February. All of our participated cadets are Awarded. For the different events was the peculiarity of the sports so as our cadet CSM Jaisol Alias selected as the Sports Champion of the year.
As per every year after Republic day parade Principal Dr. A Biju hosted the flag and Lt. Ibrahim Salim given the Republic day message. So with respect to the cleaning of the College Ground held by our cadets.
One of the best camp ever conducted under Kerala & Lakshadweep Directorate. This was the first NCC camp held at M.E.S College, Marampally held from 20th to 29th December. All of our cadets have been actively participated. So as with respect to that Lt. Ibrahim Salim got Commendation for the best camp from the Commanding Officer Col. H. Pathmanabhan through the hard work and full efforts of our cadets. More over in Cultural programms, Camp activities etc were presented by our cadets as the best. So as part of this two of our cadets SUO Hashik .K.B and JUO BessyBaby got Certificates for Best Camp Seniors. With respect to the Guard of Honour our cadets CSM Ajith and CQMS Aswanth also got Certificates for Guards given to Group Commander Cpt. Ximan Xavier. So as with the overall perfomance of the cadets may lead to many Awards and certificates. There would have been a selection of cadets for the THAL SAINIK CAMP [TSC] take parted and ten of our cadets got selected for the further camp of TSC.
As behalf of BASIC LEADERSHIP CAMP another biggest camp was conducted from 2nd to 14th December.The camp was held at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu was participated by JUO Ajas.V.J selected as one among from ten cadets of all Kerala.
So as like every year NCC day was celebrated on 25th November. With respect to other years we have conducted Drawing and Essay writing competitions. Certificates and Awards was given to the outstanding ones.
One of the best program by NCC cadets under the Commanding of Lt. Ibrahim Salim with the co-operation of Management & Staff build a HOME to former SUO Lithisha Sivan. The Inauguration was done by Commanding Officer Col. H. Pathmanabhan at 2nd October was the cheif guest of the function. Principal Dr. Biju.A, Lt. Ibrahim Salim,College Staffs,cadets were presented at the occassion.
20 of our cadets take part in the camp held on U.C College, Aluva from 13th to 22nd September. One of the best camp for the 2013 batch. So as our cadets got medals and certificates for their overall good performance on Camp activities, Cultural programmes, Extra activities. One of our cadet SUO Hashik .K.B selected as Best Cadet as well as Best Camp Senior was congratulated by the Camp Commander Col. Madhusuthanan.
One of the biggest camp on NCC was the BASIC LEADERSHIP CAMP held at Thrissur from 13th to 22nd September was attented by one of our cadet JUO Ajas V J. Due to his Leadership Quality may selected him as the Best Senior from Eranakulam Group and got promoted to the ADVANCED LEADERSHIP CAMP.
So as with respect to the Independence day parade Dr. Sopna V Muhammed, Principle in charge flag hosted under the supervision of Lt. Ibrahim Salim. Later sweets were distributed.
On 12th July, 21 cadets were enrolled to NCC for 2013 batch.
12 of our cadets have take part in the Summer camp held at S.S College, Kalady from 18th to 27th April. Our cadets are being number one in day today PT & Cultural programmes.
The pass out of cadets from their official duties on NCC uniform. The Closing Ceremony & Farewell party to 2011 enrolled batch was conducted under Lt. Ibrahim Salim. The chief guest of the program was Principal Dr. A Biju and HODs, other teaching staffs also invited to the function. Cadets celebrated their last days on NCC.
So as with respect to the 'C' CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION 'B' CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION also its has own preference in NCC. 20 of our cadets attended 'B' CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION held at U.C College, Aluva on 23rd February.
One of the biggest exam for NCC cadets conducting every year on All India basis. 21 of our cadets have written the 'C' certificate exam held at Maharajas College, Eranakulam on 9th February.
On 26th January Republic day Principal Dr. A Biju might hosted the flag after the Republic day parade of the cadets. All NCC cadets are attended the program where the Republic day message was given by Principal Dr. Biju.A and Lt. Ibrahim Salim. Later sweets were distributed.
This was the one of the major contributions of M.E.S TRUST. The Army Recruitment Camp held at M.E.S College, Marampally on 22nd to 29th December. The camp was conducted under Lt. Ibrahim Salim as well as the voluntership of NCC cadets. So as our cadets was congratulated by M.E.S Management.
On 24th November NCC day was celebrating. Whole the cadets were participated on the function and special classes may have been taken related to the achievements of life through NCC.
One of our cadet Sgt. Haris .A. Ashraf has got an opportunity to participate the camp held at Karnataka from 20th to 29th September. That camp paves much more experiance for the caders.
21of our cadets were participated on the camp held at SNM College, Maliyankara from 24th August to 2nd September. This might have got a chance to celebrate Onam at the camp. The well being and good performance of our cadets may let to awarded them with certificates and medals.
15th August after the Independence day parade held by cadets Chairmam K.M Shamsudheen who may hosted the flag under the presence of Principal Dr. A Biju and Lt. Ibrahim Salim.
On 6th July, 23 cadets were enrolled to NCC on the academic year 2012.
5th June has been celeberated as Environment day which may conductd an exibition and planting of trees. So as the function was Inaugurated by Principal Dr. A Biju.