Nature Club

Nature in its well preserved state is an inevitable factor for the very existence of human beings. The nature club of M.E.S College, Marampally focuses its attention on spreading the message of environmental preservation and protection in young minds. It tries to enlighten the student community with nature awareness and the necessity to preserve it for a better future. Keeping this in mind, we plan activities and programmes every year, independently as well as in association with National agencies like WWF, India.


To inculcate an appreciation for nature in young minds, for a better future.

To promote harmony between humans and nature through a participatory approach.

To ensure nature conservation and environmental protection through environmental education and awareness.


Ms. Neelima T K
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Bioscience
Staff Co-ordinator 8547558251
Mr. Raj Sha M M
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Electronics
Staff Co-ordinator 9496516097
Ms. Aswathy Vijay
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Bioscience
Staff Co-ordinator 9961857355

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Important Activities

HarithaSibiram '13 - Nature Education Camp
Canopy Nature Club in association with Department of Forest,Kerala organized a 3 day (September 20,21,22) Nature Education Camp at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary. The camp included nature awareness classes, morning meditation, forest trekking, river bathing, cultural activities etc. P K Dharmarajan took classes.
World Photography Day
Nature club and photography club of MES College organized a photography contest on the theme "Monsoon". Bichu R Krishna (S3 BCOM) won the first prize for the contest.
Canopy Karkkadaka Fest-2013
Canopy nature club, MES College prepared and served Oushadha kanji for 85 persons in the college on Aug-14, 1.15 PM. Members themselves plucked out different medicinal herbs available the campus and prepared Oushadha koot.the different herbs used for the purpose and its importance were displayed with its common and botanical names. The kanji was prepared in the supervision of Mr. Pankajakshan Padanair. The program gave wide exposure for members by knowing medicinal plants and making karkkadaka kanji.
Orientation class for Nature Club Members
In association with world population day, nature club of MES conducted an orientation class on leadership and group activity for club members on 8th July, 2013 at 10 AM.
Debate - "OuT n' AbouT"
In association with world population day (July 11) a debate was conducted on 8th July afternoon on the topic "Population explosion: a hazardous environmental issue or not?" moderated by Mr. Ajimsha Maideen (Dept of Electronics).58 students and 17 staffs from various departments were presented their arguments and suggestions. The program introduced a new platform for teachers-students interaction about social issues in the college.
Thiruvathira Njattuvela - Poetry Contest
In order to aware the nature club members about inseparable relation between life, agriculture and weather, canopy organized a poetry completion on the topic "Thiruvathira Njattuvela" on 24th June. 38 students were participated in the competition.
World Environmental Day Celebration
World Environmental Day Celebration was inaugurated Dr. Muralikrishnan by planting sapling inside the campus. He conveyed the 2013's environmental day message - "Think Eat Save". 45 nature club members were taken pledge to protect nature. The "Home" documentary was shown in afternoon section.