To work for the educational, social and economic advancement of the people of India in all possible ways.


To promote higher and technical education and improve the standard and quality of education among the people in general, minorities and backward classes in particular.


The main objective of the MES is educatioal, social and cultural up-lift of the Indian Muslims.

The secular organization with firm belief in the Indian polity views that protective reservation is essential for the salvation of the downtrodden backward classes.

The principal of the organization is to keep away from party politics and sectarian religious philosophy. However it does not ban members from taking part in politics or religious organizations.

It gives great emphasis to religious education in its institutions.Women's education is another main theme of the organization.

The MES adheres to the concept of social justice and is in the forefront of the fight to achieve this.

The cardinal principal of the organization is that the development of the individual leads to the development of community, which finally leads to the nation building.

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