Department Of Biosciences Achievements



Four student projects were sanctioned by KSCSTE to , Mrs. Nimsi K A, Mrs. Ashwathy Vijay, Mrs. Shalet Varghese and Dr. Nisha. Total outlay is  thirty one thousand rupees were sanctioned in the four projects.

Dr. Ally C Anton


Dr. Ally C Antony had attended the UG Microbiology syllabus revision of MG  University.

Dr Umesh B T and Dr. Ally C Antony


Two faculty members, Dr Umesh B T and Ally C Antony  represent the Board of Studies of MG University who represent the feed back collected on curriculum in their respective meetings. The faculty members have been participated in syllabus restructuring workshops and suggested the modifications.

Student praticipation in NSS


Athira Rajesh, Arathy Venugopal, Siya Pradeep, Ameena Subair,  AshmiShajiKrishnadas N B, Jennifer Theresa & Hana Rasheed of S4 BSc Biotechnolohy&Akhil Sebastian of S4B.Sc.Microbiology - Participated in NSS    CAMP(10days) held  at Cheeranchira Govt. UP School Kottayam.



SHUKOOR N H of S6B.Sc Biotechnology -  Participated in CATC Thiruvilwamala on 18/4/17 to 27/4/17, CATC at Kuttanellur on 1/09/17 to 10/9 /17, CATC at UC College on 6/10/17 to 15/10/17, IGC at Thrissur Cheruthuthi 16/10 17 to 25/10 17, NIC at Mangloor on 12/12/17 to 23/12/17.

Krishnadas N


Krishnadas N P S4 BSc Biotechnology won fourth place  in M.G. University intercollegiate Kho Kho competition

Nayif A N


Nayif A N, S4 BSc Biotechnology won first prize in Daffmuttu in M.G. University Youth Festival “ Ashantham  2018”

NPTEL Participation


Dr. MINI K PAUL secured Top one position in introduction to scientific communication and top five position in Bioenergetics.

Students and teachers are encouraged to enroll in the online courses conducted by the NPTEL. Five students are enrolled for the coirses Cell Culture Technique . Eight teachers completed the courses in Nanotechnology cel culture technique ,bioenergetics and introduction of scientific communication. Presently 12 teachers enrolled in different online courses.

Sreedhi Pramod Secured Top Five Position in Cell Culture Technique.


National Conference Participation of Students


23 students of MSc Biochemistry, Microbiology Biotechnology, BSc Biotechnology, Microbiology have  participated in various international and national conference.

Nirmin Nazar


Nirmin Nazar presented a poster in International Conference on Frontiers in Bioscience 2017 conducted by SNGIST College, Paravoor.