Physics Lab


       We have a well equipped physics lab to provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts included in the syllabus. This help the students to become researchers or knowledge provides in the field of Physics and contribute to the growing needs of the society. The laboratories of the Physics department include general laboratory, electronics laboratory, computer laboratory and a PG laboratory. Students are guided with basic and advanced knowledge of general experimental techniques in the area of Physics. The PG laboratory is comprised with the best sophisticated equipments such as the GM counter, Hall Effect Apparatus, Michelson Interferometer, Optical Fibre characterisation apparatus. Electronics laboratory provides facilities for the students to deal with electronics components such as integrated circuit, transistors and electronic devices such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Audio Frequency Oscillator etc.

Lab 1 - Lab Assistant - Mrs. Khadeeja Beevi  P I

Lab 2 - Lab Assistant - Mrs. Soumya A A