Leo Club

      Leo club of MES College provides young people with an opportunity for development and contribution – individually and collectively – as responsible members of their local, national and international communities. It had laid its foundation in MES College Marampally on August 21st 2017. The name given to this international club is MES OASIS. This is an international club, where the service done for the society is recognized worldwide. The inauguration of this club was fruitfully done with the help of our international district governors of Lions Club and Lions Club of Dubai. The LEO club is functioning under the leadership of Aaqib J J (Semester 4, BBA) who was selected as the president of MES OASIS along with Haseeb Hassan (Semester 4, Bcom Tax) as secretary and PS Maneesha (Semester 4, BBA) as treasurer. The club has around 100 members from various departments of the college who actively participated in various projects and activities intended. 


  • Leadership: Leo members acquire skills as project organizers and motivators of their peers.
  • Experience: They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community and the world.
  • Opportunity: Leo Club develops positive traits and receives recognition for their contributions.